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Community transport

With our brand new Renault minibus (just arrived 11 August 2016) we have four minibuses available to hire 7 days a week for one-off or regular bookings.  Community groups and other not-for-private-profit organisations (e.g. NHS) can use this service. 

16 seater minibus 16 seater minibus inside

Groups and organisations are able to use their own drivers.  A valid UK driver's license will need to be checked and for insurance reasons drivers have be aged 21 to 69 and have been driving for a minimum of 2 years.  If you can't provide a driver, SBVS has a pool of 13 volunteer drivers, who continue to give freely of their time - please ask for details when you book.

We currently have 36 local groups and organisations affiliated to our community transport service which enables them to hire SBVS's minibuses for social trips and events.

  • Affiliation costs £10 per year.

  • £22 per session (morning, afternoon or evening).

  • Mileage 55 pence per mile.

  • Driver administration expenses £4 per session (day time) £8 (evening).

(white minibus)
(white minibus)
(green minibus)
*NEW* Renault
(blue minibus)

seats up to 12 (13 inc driver)
seats 11 with 1 wheelchair

seats up to 14 (15 inc driver)
seats 12 with 1 wheelchair
seats up to 16 (17 inc driver) seats up to 11 (12 inc driver)
tail lift for disabled access tail lift for disabled access no tail lift tail lift for disabled access

Interested in volunteering?

Volunteers drivers are required for regular and adhoc bookings. You would be helping local community groups to run activities and events by providing the transport to get people there. It's a rewarding role that's really needed in the local community.

Want to find out more about volunteering or check bus hire availability?

Please contact Steve Spencer on 01274 781222 or email

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