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History of Shipley & Bingley Voluntary Services

In May 2008, Bingley Voluntary Action merged with Shipley Council for Voluntary Services to form Shipley and Bingley Voluntary Services.

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In 1978 a local GP formed the Bingley Welfare Advisory Group with members from both the statutory and voluntary sectors. It had no funds and was without either a constitution or a structure. Despite this, the importance of ascertaining need was realised and a pilot survey of 200 elderly people was carried out. Office space was made available in Bingley Town Hall, staffed by volunteers, a list of voluntary organisations was complied and a Volunteer Bureau established.

At its first Annual General Meeting (AGM) in late 1979, it affiliated to the Bradford Metropolitan Council for Voluntary Service (CVS) from which it received a grant of £100.

In 1982 it took over responsibility for Cardigan House and in the same year appointed a Community Worker and Clerical Assistant with funds from the Manpower Services Commission. These funds were withdrawn in 1985 but were replaced, after a long period of uncertainty, by funds from the Unemployment Unit of Bradford MDC. These funds were for a period of only six months, after which the post of Clerical Assistant was lost, but again after much negotiation and uncertainty Bradford MDC Social Services Department agreed to fund the Community Organiser post. Although this led to greater cooperation with the Social Services Department it was not without its difficulties: many in the hierarchy of the Social Services Department assumed the Community Organiser was one of its own staff. Early in 1986 the office moved to Cardigan House, though there were ongoing difficulties over its funding.

In 1991 the organisation became a CVS, an independent body with its own constitution and charitable status. In the same year a Community Centre Development Worker was appointed, funded by Shipley Area Panel; she initiated several projects based in the Crosley Wood area and at Cardigan House.

This marked the beginning of the “contract market”. With the appointment of a Coordinator there was a considerable expansion of contracts to provide specific services. This led to an increase in the number of staff, a relative decline in the organisation’s cornerstone of volunteering, and an increasing struggle to maintain the organisation’s independence.

Bingley CVS changed its name to Bingley Voluntary Action (BVA) in 1998, when it became a Company Limited by Guarantee.

In May 2008, BVA merged with Shipley Council for Voluntary Service (CVS) to form Shipley and Bingley Voluntary Services (SBVS).

SBVS now has a varied staff team, most of them part-time and operates many projects as well as acting as a CVS, representing the voluntary sector and the Shipley and Bingley areas in various working parties and initiatives.

Services provided by SBVS over the last 30 years

Over the years, SBVS has provided a wide range of services for local people, including:

  • Day care for older people
  • Community transport
  • Luncheon clubs
  • Community centres
  • Support to community and voluntary groups
  • Public Patient Involvement Fora
  • Flood action planning
  • Research projects
  • Community development
  • Volunteer bureau
  • Wheels to work
  • Activities for older people
  • Environmental project
  • Youth clubs/facilities
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