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Volunteer at SBVS

Volunteers give their time to help other people in need. 

At Shipley & Bingley Voluntary Services there are lots of opportunities to choose from and most of our services involve volunteers.


Opportunities to get involved and volunteer your time at SBVS

A flexible role for cheerful, good listeners. You would support an isolated or vulnerable older person living close by with a visit or telephone call for a friendly chat. Regular time commitment of one hour per week at a time to suit each pair. Initial group training attendance and DBS required. Additional specialist training offered. Also suitable for someone with (or seeking) experience of people with different health conditions, such as sight or hearing loss, mobility issues, early dementia or mild depression.

Day care assistants
Day care runs 9am to 3pm on Mondays and Thursdays at Cardigan House, Ferncliffe Road in Bingley. 
Volunteers help to run the day centre.  This involves serving meals, serving tea and coffee, washing up, chatting to clients and helping with with activities for example quizzes, bingo, indoor bowls/ curling.

Shopper bus
This runs every Tuesday from 8.30am to 11.30am.  You would be helping the minibus driver to collect clients from their home and take them to the supermarket.  Some clients need help around the shop or just a friendly chat.

Minibus driver and passenger assistants
SBVS runs a community transport service with four minibuses that can be hired by local community groups.  The minibuses are also used to transport clients to our wellbeing services for older people (day care, luncheon club, shopper bus, Café B). 

Drivers must have a D1 on their license and be under the age of 70.  Passenger assistants are required to assist people on and off the minibus.  Both opportunities are very flexible - you would let us know when you could help out and Debbie would then only contact you for bookings on the days/ times you had specified.

Café B
This lively social event for older people with mild mental health issues and their carers takes place every second Wednesday of the month from 12.30 to 3.30pm at Little House, Market Street Bingley.  Volunteers help to serve tea/ coffee and socialise with service users - this could be having a chat or getting up for a dance!

Silver Surfers
A free computer class for the over 50's takes place at Cardigan House every Wednesday afternoon from 12.45pm to 2.45pm.  Could you help people learn basic computer skills - from learning how to click and use a mouse to searching the internet or creating a Word document? Volunteers work with people one-to-one in a small class of regular participants.

Little House Luncheon Club
Little House Luncheon Club is held every Thursday from 11.30am to 2.00pm duties will include opening up the venue, then setting tables, serving meals, tea and coffee, and washing up.  Where possible, a meal is provided for volunteers.

How can my community group advertise for volunteers?

Your best option for advertising volunteer opportunities is Bradford Volunteer Centre - they add volunteering opportunities to a national website called and help advise members of the public on what volunteer opportunities are available and what might suit them.

Telephone Bradford Volunteer Centre on 01274 725434 or 01274 720779 or visit the website page for community organisations to download the forms and find out more (forms are at the end of the page).

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